Accountability is THE most important difference you can make – in yourself and in your organization.
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The 85% Solution:
How Personal Accountability Guarantees
Success — No Nonsense, No Excuses


A guide to personal accountability-the fundamental key to leadership success

With the toughest economic downturn in recent history, the issue of accountability has taken center stage. However accountability is often confused with punishment, fault, blame and guilt. In this book, the author argues that the only true accountability is "personal accountability" and the only way to achieve it is to take responsibility for the outcomes of your choices, behaviors and actions. The 85% Solution reveals that to be truly accountable, leaders must accept no less than 85% of the responsibility for the outcomes of your actions; Empower themselves to take the risks and actions you must in order to get what they want; and Show they are willing to answer for the outcomes that result from their choices and actions.

  • Offers a practical guide to personal accountability and reveals how this leads to personal and business success

  • Guides readers to take the risks and actions to reach their goals

  • Contains self-assessments for determining personal accountability index

The author is an experienced consultant who works with organizations, teams, and individuals to improve their personal and work lives.

Way to Grow:
Cultivating the Weeds, Daisies,
and Orchids in Your Organization


Effectively allocating time and coaching to employees can be one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders today. Think of your employees as a garden full of orchids, daisies, and weeds with yourself as the gardener whose job it is to nurture them to full bloom. Way To Grow! will help you determine who needs your time and why. It will help you maximize employee confidence, self-empowerment, and organizational success!

Where Winners Live:
Sell More, Earn More, Achieve More
Through Personal Accountability


Be accountable and achieve success

Personal accountability is the secret weapon of every successful sales professional. It is the secret weapon of Where Winners Live co-author Dave Porter, who became the owner and CEO of Baystate Financial Services at age 35 and grew it into a $100 million-a-year business over the next 15 years. It is the secret weapon of Where Winners Live co-author Linda Galindo, who transformed herself from the self-proclaimed Queen of Victims into an entrepreneur, business coach, consultant and speaker whose typical audience numbers 500 or more.

Like all highly accountable professionals, these authors live Where Winners Live, an achievement they say is available to everyone. Written in a no-excuses tone and filled with personal stories and practical exercises, their book offers readers the non-negotiable, high-performance behaviors of the sales trade and tried-and-true best practices for success.

  • Exposes the key difference between top-earning sales professionals and those who struggle to make their numbers every quarter

  • Outlines the three critical characteristics of personal accountability: responsibility, self-empowerment, and ownership of results after the fact

  • Explores personal accountability from the perspective of both leaders and rank-and-file sales professionals

Where Winners Live shows readers the most effective way to hold themselves and others accountable.