Linda Galindo's reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to be brutally honest, warm, funny and non-judgmental all at the same time.


You want an accountable culture.
You need the straight truth.

Linda Galindo challenges your audience to see and tell the truth -- about themselves and your culture.



What is preventing accountability in your organization? Does your organization have unspoken rules, assumptions and fears that prevent real accountability and results?


Galindo’s high impact keynote, based on the forthcoming book When the Culture Lies: The Straight Truth About Accountability and the B.S. that Drives Corporate Culture shows how organizations’ entrenched denial stymies innovation and diminishes results.


You’ll look into the mirror of truth, break through your denial and learn what you need to change to create breakthrough results.


Based on 20 years experience working with global corporations, healthcare systems and entrepreneurs, Linda Galindo gives you the tools to establish a mindset of accountability. Then she’ll show you the strategies and behaviors to implement immediately to improve results -- for you personally and throughout your organization.

A leader without followers is just a person walking around.

Linda Galindo

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