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"Email Migration" is an incredibly long word list. There is an aura of mystery over any discussion regarding your move; however, it's the right time to deal and deal with it. The biggest issue is email migration concerns service interruptions and data loss. However, there's no reason to be concerned anymore; we've put together some excellent tips to help you overcome these issues!

Spread the word about the Email Migration You're Planning to Make

In both cases, The best way to solve these issues is to notify all employees in your organization about when Office 365 email migration will take place. Employees must be informed about changes like the conversion of public folders for SharePoint or the requirement to change your Outlook profile. Beware of these mistakes by sending simple notifications sent to employees. This will clear any doubt regarding when the migration will occur and allow other employees to prepare their files for the change.

Be Prepared for the worst

Nobody expects the worst to occur, but when you're prepared, most damage can be avoided! If you are aware that you've several gigabytes of essential files, back-up your data before your migration to ensure that, if everything else fails, then you have what you need. Encourage others to take the same precautions! Although this may not be the best option, it is essential to set realistic expectations of the migration process and understand and anticipate the dangers of the transition.

Introducing Shoviv:-


How to Avoid Email Migration Risk:-

Shoviv Automate Email migration tools helps to minimize the common error which occurs during the maiboxes migration.

List of tools:-

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