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Medi-Lift Plus is a wearable product that focuses on the lower half of the face. The EMS level can be adjusted in 10 levels.

The skin temperature increased before and after use, and the warm sensation was rated at an average level. Although the skin did not feel firm the next morning, there were comments that the skin did not lose its elasticity.

Even at level 3, there is a tingling sensation and different variations of stimulation are added. You can get the sensation of being relaxed, but you may not like it. It can be a struggle to get the electrodes to stick to the cheeks and attach properly, but we appreciated the simple operation and helpful instructions that are easy to understand.

Skin did not heat up properly, but the firmness was rated above average.

The Multifunctional Hot and Cold Facial Machine from L&L Skin has eight different facial functions, including EMS and light aesthetics. You can choose from three levels of temperature and EMS intensity.

The temperature of the skin dropped after use, and the evaluation of the warm sensation was below average. On the other hand, it received an above-average rating for firmness, saying, "I felt that my skin was firmer than usual.

There is no tingling while applying the product, and the vibrations are very fine, as if you are being tickled. Some of the monitors said that they felt it working on their facial muscles and their lips twitched. The head is large and not easy to maneuver, but it is easy to apply to the cheeks. Although there were some errors in the manual, we were able to use it without any problems thanks to the illustrations, simple operation instructions, and the easy-to-understand LCD display.

Continued use is necessary to get the desired effect. The Warming Sensation Lasts Long

The "MIO2" is a facial device that specializes in skin tightening, and is used by applying a special gel to the electrodes. It is equipped with three safety functions: temperature sensor, motion sensor, and auto-stop, to be gentle to the skin.

In the verification of the warm sensation, the skin temperature rose slightly and broke through the acceptance line. Some of the monitors said that the warm sensation remained for a while. On the other hand, the firmness test showed that the skin did not feel firm the next morning. It is best to continue using this product as you will not feel the effects right away.

Most of the monitors said that they felt warmth from the head and no irritation or pain during care. Some monitors felt that it was difficult to apply to fine areas, but it can be applied to most areas without any problem and can be moved smoothly. The fact that it can be operated with the touch of a button is convenient, but the instruction manual seemed to have too much information.

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