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During the consultation, I met a man who wrote a specialist in conflictology. At the first consultation, we drafted together, and at the second consultation, I reviewed what he had already written. He came to me in despair: have you really found so many different approaches to conflict management, and which one should you put in your dissertation now? he asked which author of the essay to turn to, to which I answered the emu. There is only one company ( of essay writers, which employs only specialists. Well: everything! Moreover, notice how interesting it is that there are as many authors as there are classification methods, and one can even draw conclusions based on common and different points! This is something that a fifth grader cannot do. This already requires higher education, ie. meets the requirements for graduates says case study writer. The third mistake that everyone makes is the most serious: you literally write thoughts out of a book. You can literally quote! However, this should be the goal, and if not, it will greatly reduce the value of your dissertation! Everyone rely on their own strength when writing their first dissertation. This is mistake! because a person cannot immediately write a volumetric work without doing it before. Therefore, it is better to contact the authors of the essay ( for help in writing your first dissertation.A literal quotation can have three purposes: it is either very good or very bad, or it is a definition. The latter is understandable, I think it makes no sense to quote definitions not verbatim. If anything is very good, it is that in the course of world history there has not yet been an author who has better, more beautifully, more roundly formulated what he has to say.If something is really wrong, then in your case it can only mean that you are arguing (or contradicting another author) with the author's wording. In such cases, it is natural to show which part you are arguing with. However, this, of course, does not apply to art history analysis, where literal quoting is a condition of existence. What if you don't quote verbatim? This is the so-called paraphrase, that is, the reformulation of thought. But be careful!

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