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The team has released a sneak peek of its upcoming clothing line, the 100 Thieves Numbers Collection. It is the organization's largest apparel drop. These shirts will be available at a brand new retail store in Los Angeles. They will feature clothing by industry names and one exclusive item. The aloha shirt has a button down collar and a chest pocket. It also features embroidered 100 Thieves logos on the chest.

100thieves Greeting Cards

After the recent controversy sparked by the collab with Gucci, 100 Thieves CEO Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag has responded to the backlash with a statement. Haag revealed that he was approached by the fashion house about a possible collaboration. While the 100 Thieves brand has been around since 2018, its apparel collections are known for their high price tags and fast selling times. The brand's community has been developing its image and culturing the line for many years.

The esports brand has partnered with Truly Hard Seltzer and Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea to support its players. The two brands will collaborate on various activations across 100 Thieves' social channels. The partnerships will include co-branded content, livestreams, giveaways, and social challenges. Those who want to support the 100 Thieves team can purchase the new merchandise on its official website.

New hires at 100 Thieves

The new executives at 100 Thieves Hawaiian Shirt have a diverse background. Two of the new hires, Jeremy Azevedo and Mark Rasoul, will focus on content and marketing, respectively. Another addition is a bilingual Twitch streamer named Neekolul. 100 Thieves also runs a competitive esports team called VALORANT. The company also hosts a tournament series called the Games for Equality. The team will continue to create new shows and content in 2021.

Haag, Dunlop, and Hofstetter have been together for several years. They live in LA, and the company's headquarters will include studios for designing Hawaiian shirts. Eventually, there will be a retail space, too. The 100 Thieves headquarters will feature both physical and virtual offices, as well as a game studio. Several hundred Thieves employees will live at this new location.


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