Accountability is your competitive advantage.

The Truth is…

Every leader I’ve worked with wants a high-performing team that gets results, fast. But speed and execution are impossible without accountability.

I work with leaders and leadership teams to create the trust that drives results. It only happens with a commitment to accountability: a willingness to see the truth and tell the truth to each other.

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Success Stories

Accountability delivers results

Definition of Success:

A High-Performance Team

Abhishek Kumar Chief Information Officer, AccessHope

We had a new team coming together, bringing diverse experiences from both enterprise and startup backgrounds. Linda played a pivotal role in transforming us into a high-performance team.

She instilled a culture of accountability, prompting each member of our team to take responsibility both as individuals and as a cohesive unit.

Her approach is not only effective but also incredibly inclusive, benefiting every individual within the organization.

Linda was instrumental in my personal growth as a leader, providing valuable insights into establishing clear expectations and fostering a sense of accountability.

Definition of Success:

A Successful Exit

Jamie Hall Past CEO, BridgeHealth

We had a leadership team that was competent and capable, but not fully accountable.

Linda showed me my blindspots and made sure I was holding myself accountable and holding my team accountable.

As a result of our work with Linda, I built trust with the team, and the team came to trust each other.

It worked: We hit our goal and achieved a highly successful acquisition of our company.

Definition of Success:

A Successful Integration

Stefan Geldmeyer (Former) Head of Finance and Infrastructure, Pharmacyclics, an AbbVie company

My team’s integration at Pharmacyclics post-acquisition was rocky. A corporate and a start-up culture needed to come together.

Linda brought clarity to our understanding of accountability, individually and collectively.

I improved my communication, especially around listening and setting clear expectations. A successful integration was realized, driven by alignment, full transparency and trust as one team.

Definition of Success:

A High-Functioning Team

Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH Former State Health Official

Linda Galindo brought revelations about accountability, clarity and productivity that changed how our leadership team worked together.

Through this work, team members learned that they can set clear expectations for high-level functioning as a team, and count on each other to hit key performance indicators.

We removed the fluff that got in the way of holding each other accountable with improved communication and mutual respect.

MEET Linda Galindo

A Fierce Advocate for Personal Accountability

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My accountability journey began when I was a journalist, covering government and business. In story after story, the underlying issue was lack of accountability. It made my blood boil. So I left journalism and decided to do something about it.

Advocating for accountability is now my life’s work.

Today, I work with leaders and teams to create accountable organizations that achieve remarkable results.

I look for the hidden places where lack of accountability festers, often masked by “the culture.”

My job is to call out the truth. No matter what. And hold up a mirror so you can see it for yourself.

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Whether an engagement is with a team or an individual, one thing is true: accountability starts with you. Let’s do the work.


“Linda’s no-nonsense method for identifying and removing roadblocks requires honesty, vulnerability, and a willingness to show up and do the hard work. But, the results – both personal and professional
– are life-changing!”

Christine Bailey, (Former) VP Marketing, Transcarent

“Linda’s coaching was the most influential coaching I have received in my career.  Her message is simple and consistent. You have the capacity to be 100% responsible and accountable for your individual successes and failures regardless of outside influences. Linda has a gift of unlocking your potential by presenting you an opportunity to own your own performance and behavior. She teaches you to park your ego and invest in yourself. I highly recommend Linda!”

Sean Fadale, President and CEO, Nathan Littaur Hospital and Nursing Home