Get it done.

Build the accountability that drives results

I offer engagements for leadership teams and individual leaders.

The goal is always the same: for you to see your truth and speak your truth so that you – and your organization – can reap the rewards of personal accountability.

Executive Coaching for Accountability

For leaders ready to advance to the next level

When a leader wants to advance to the next level of leadership but it’s not happening, it’s essential to know why. Until leaders see their own blindspots, they won’t move forward.

This one-on-one executive coaching engagement is designed to help an individual leader successfully take the next step in their leadership journey.

Sometimes an engagement is initiated when an organization identifies a leader they would like to promote, but have a concern about whether the leader is 100% ready to be effective in a more senior role. Other engagements support leaders who are ready for their next step, but need support in landing the next right opportunity.

The focus of every engagement is the same: I’ll hold up a mirror so you can see the truth about how you’re showing up.

Once you see your truth, you’ll step into your power. That’s leadership.

The structure of executive coaching is: the client takes the Accountability Assessment, followed by 3 months of full access which includes scheduled coaching calls and access to me between sessions. The heart of the work is:

  • You create your definition of success
  • Together we identify what’s holding you back
  • We define a path to achieve your success that meets your needs and the needs of the organization.
We get it done.

Accountability for Results

For leadership teams, including CEOs, senior leaders and their direct reports

Accountability for Results is a structured consulting engagement that provides powerful tools that change the way your team works together to achieve the results you need.

This step-by-step program instills a mindset of accountability, creating the foundation for significant improvement in the outcomes of your work and financial performance.

During this engagement we work together to execute your strategy while developing a high-performing leadership team. You simultaneously learn and use the principles and tools of accountability to achieve results and create a lasting shift in your culture.

What changes can we expect in the leadership team’s actions and thinking as a result of this program?

  • Accountability becomes leadership’s central organizing principle. Everyone operates from the same foundation: I am 100% accountable for your success. You are 100% accountable for our success.
  • Focus shifts from activity to results.
  • Everyone on the team learns to make clear agreements. Everyone keeps them or renegotiates appropriately.
  • Executives shift from managing to being strategic. Productivity increases and the need to spend time holding others accountable is dramatically reduced.
  • Eliminate unaccountable behaviors that are counterproductive to results.
  • You get a road map for getting it done: Relevant tools, structure and guidance to make necessary changes.

Accountability Assessment

We start where people are. How accountable is your organization?

The Accountability Assessment provides data-based insight on where to start work on the accountability journey and how far to go. Leaders, would you benefit if:
  • You had a crystal-clear and measurable understanding of the level of accountability in your organization?
  • You had a simple road map to create the changes necessary to make your organization fully accountable and focused on results?
Improving performance begins with learning the truth The Accountability Assessment is a validated diagnostic tool that enables leaders to have a precise, data-driven understanding of the level of personal responsibility and personal accountability of themselves and their people. It provides leaders responsible for the performance of their organization with a remarkably accurate ability to predict whether their strategic plan will succeed or stall. The Accountability Assessment measures four categories:
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Personal Accountability
  • Team Empowerment
  • Perception of the Organizational Culture
The results of the Assessment provide a map for change. The information from this assessment lays a solid foundation for success with accountability as the fundamental organizing principle in the organization. Linda Galindo uses results from The Accountability Assessment to create plans and guidelines for the Accountability for Results consulting engagements and to determine an organization’s suitability for the program.  

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