The Straight Truth


Rain, rain come and stay. I’ll take accountability any day!

What if you came to work and accountability came raining down on your head each and every day so that you were virtually flooded with accountability? Would you like that?

Flooded with accountability? When is a flood ever a good idea? Who wants to be drowning in accountability; up to one’s eyeballs in accountability; washed away by accountability?

Me. That’s who. I want to open the flood gates of Accountability. At every turn, with every interaction with every moment of conscious effort I want personal accountability. I would like this stamped on every mindset I come in contact with.

Why? Because I know understanding and practicing personal accountability with no nonsense and no excuses lowers stress, and connects people with what they want. Personal accountability connects you with what YOU want!

The number one reason people don’t have what they want is because they don’t see themselves as the source of the power to get there, or as Will Smith says so perfectly “It’s your life, not your fault!”

Are you ready to make it rain personal accountability on your head? Put your “umbrella”– aka, excuses and fault-finding– away, and invite others to a play in the puddles of personal accountability you create.

Own, act on, answer for YOU.

It’s easy to tire of a pity party going on around us. It’s understandable to be taken over, even flooded by the bad stuff. Enough! Take the next step now. Write the invite to the life you want. You may not be able to stop what’s raining down on your head, but you can certainly re-write the invitation to what you want, right now, today. Let’s go!