The Straight Truth


Speed and execution are NOT your competitive advantage

Accountability is your competitive advantage and I can prove it.

  1. If everyone in your organization is more personally accountable starting right now — does your life get better or worse?
  2. Specifically list how your life gets BETTER if everyone in your organization (or who works for you) is more personally accountable starting today.
  3. Specifically list how your life gets WORSE if everyone in your organization (or who works for you) is more personally accountable starting today. If you can’t think of anything for this list, you are probably so worn out from trying to amp up speed and execution you are ready to quit (if you haven’t already – mentally.)
  4. Quantify the amount of time you spend dealing with “Accountability Issues” such as:
    • Meetings-after-the-meeting that pull people into cliques and factions and speculation and fumbling around with lack of clarity
    • High performers getting the work of the underperforms due to unwillingness to hold people accountable
    • Lack of role clarity
    • No owner for ideas gone wild
    • A ‘mothership’ corporate construct that not only fails to prioritize your needs, you aren’t even on the list!
  5. The time dealing with the above (which is just a tiny fraction of what the list actually is) equates to brakes on speed and bumbling execution.
  6. Personal accountability + aligned leadership = speed and execution.

Warning: An organization that understands personal accountability starts at the top needs a different leadership skill set and is NOT hierarchical unless absolutely necessary. If employees get wind of personal accountability and how it guarantees success, no nonsense, no excuses – before leadership does – they outgrow the organization very quickly and leave. The organization is left with everyone who needs to be managed and layers of management thwart speed and execution. (You know I’m right.)

So when you say, I want a culture of accountability…be very, very clear where the downside lives and be ready to take the hit to get the delta. In my accountability model, you have to slow down to speed up if we’re starting from first gear. If you are starting from 3rd gear you will LOVE tools to jump you to 5th!

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